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Ceramic Band heaters

Aug 25, 2014

The electrical connection is available with cable outlets or post terminals covered with junction box.


Sep 11, 2017

International Opportunities - Dealership Elmec Heaters is the leading heater manufacturer in India. Elmec Heaters is looking for dealers to market their qualified products worldwide. If your company is interested to market our products, we request you to provide the following informations.  1. Background information consisting of, but not limited to the following:-                  a. Years in business                  b. Number of offices and their locations                  c. Number of employees                  d. Number of salespeople 2. Furnish list of all other companies and their respective product lines that you currently distribute, represent, or market and sell products for. 3. Business Plan consisting of, but not limited to the following:         a. Identify target markets        b. Sales/marketing/technical expertise        c. Potential market size        d. Initial plan for marketing our products 4. Identify industries using our range of products. 5. Any other pertinent information about the target market or your company that will assist us in evaluating your potential as a dealer of Elmec Heaters and Controllers. Any company literature...



Sep 12, 2017

Elmec manufactures furnaces for laboratories and for various other applications. Furnace to reach maximum temperature upto 1200°C can be supplied.

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Oct 11, 2017 / Home product


Oct 11, 2017 / Home product


Oct 11, 2017 / Home product