A ceramic infrared heater is a type of electric heater that uses ceramic plates to emit infrared radiation. These plates are heated by electricity and then emit infrared radiation, which heats up the surrounding objects and people in the room. This type of heating is more efficient than traditional heating methods because it doesn't waste energy heating up the air in the room. Instead, it heats up the objects and people directly, which means you can feel the warmth almost immediately. Ceramic infrared heaters are a popular choice for heating homes and businesses because of their efficiency and effectiveness.


Ceramic infrared heaters offer many benefits over traditional heating methods. They are more efficient, cost-effective, and provide almost immediate warmth. Additionally, ceramic infrared heaters are safe and easy to use, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial heating needs.


Elmec supplies imported infrared heaters. These are available in following sizes : 122 X 60, 245 X 60 Curve / Flat surface. 60 X 60 and 122 X 122 flat surface.These heaters are also available with insulation.

  1. High degree of efficiency
  2. Broad wave length range
  3. Available with Built in Thermocouple - "K"type (optional)
  4. Long operating life
  5. Available in wide ranges


  1. Thermoforming
  2. Paint baking
  3. Printing / Textile machines
  4. Lamination equipments
  5. Packing Machines
  6. Medical equipments

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