Elmec manufactures and supplies industrial and laboratory furnaces for Die heating, Annealin, Tempering, Hardening, and Softening of metals.

Elmec Specialized in energy efficient Infrared Furnaces for temperatures up to 800 deg cen... These are used where quick heating of metals is required.

We have supplied similar furnaces for nonferrous metal forging industries for forging small components in copper and aluminum and succeeded in customer satisfaction.

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  1. Double wall constructions stuffed with ceramic fibre blanket to reduce outside shell temperature.
  2. Digital temperature controller PD / PID type for accurate temperature control.
  3. Nickel / Kanthal elements for longer heater life.
  4. Silicon carbide elements for higher temperature.
  5. Adjustable air inlet in the front door and vent at the rear side of furnace.

For more information on technical specifications consult ELMEC.

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