Elmec Low Density Cartridge Heaters are made of helically wound nickel chrome resistance wire evenly stretched and placed in ceramic insulators.

Elmec Low Density Cartridge  Heaters are custom made and are used in various applications including heating Plastic Extruder machine Barrels, Dies, Mould, Compression Moulds, Rubber Moulding machines, Leather press, Printing and packaging industries.

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We use high quality Steatite insulators, Nichrome resistance wires. Outer sheath is available in Brass and SS 304. Terminal leads are FG insulated or Teflon insulated and come with a standard length of 300mm. Please specify while sending enquiry if you need longer terminal leads.

Elmec Frame and Flat heaters are used by leading OEMs and Plastic, Rubber, Packaging, Printing, leather industries. We are supplying to Indian and overseas industries / markets. 

Do's and Don’ts:

  • Please take care while fixing heaters and selecting watts check Volts rating of heaters before connection. Heater rated for particular volts should never be connected to higher volts rating.
  • These heaters are rigid and heat transfer is by conduction from inside surface so perfect fixing and clamping is important.
  • No foreign materials such as polymer, oil, water etc, should fall over the heaters. They should be well covered.
  • Choose appropriate watts as per calculation. Under rated watts will result in heater failure.
  • Never pull the heaters with terminal leads. Never use terminal leads for holding heaters.
  • All heaters have a cold length of about 7mm at bottom side and 15mm at terminal side. Hot length of heaters must be inside the hole where the heater is fitted.


  • Low watt density heaters are available in brass or SS 304 sheath.
  • Medium & High watt density heaters are available in SS 304 sheath.
  • Braided Wire, straight or right angle exit.
  • Uniform surface temperatures.
  • Flange type optional Braided wire.
  • Max temp for SS tube 400oC, for Brass tube 200oC.


  • Processing machinery.
  • Injection and Blow Moulding.
  • Hot runner bushings.
  • Packaging machinery.
  • For fastening of turbine bolts.
  • Extruders
  • Hot plates, moulds & dies.
  • Food processing machinery
  • Medical Equipments
  • Shoe Machinery

Mounting Bore

The inner diameter of the hole can be between 0.15mm and 0.30mm larger than the cartridge diameter. The lesser the clearance between the heater and the bore diameter, the longer will be its life.


  • Diameter - Min 8mm to Max 45mm
  • Length - Available in any desired length
  • Max watt density 3.5 watt/sq cm.
  • For higher wattage and high temperature we recommend high watt density cartridge heaters.


  • Available in Teflon wire, fiberglass wire and nickel chromium wires. Insulated with ceramic beads or fiber glass sleeves.
  • From Dia 22mm onwards, screw connections are available
  • Send drawing or samples for any specific configuration
  • Fibre glass or tefflonwire crimped or welded to terminals

When Ordering please Specify :

  • Type of heater
  • Wattage and Voltage
  • Dia & length of the heater
  • Drawing for special type configuration
  • We can manufacture and supply any intermediate diameter and length, Send drawing or sample for special size.
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