Chemical Immersion heaters are particularly suitable for heating Chemicals & Acids. Elmec's Chemical immersion heater comes with its own unique specifications. Chemical Immersion heaters are the quickest and efficient way to heat chemical solutions through direct contact.

 Available in S.S.304 & S.S.316 Sheath.


tubularheater chem

Type Watts Voltage
Heating Length
Ineffective Effective
Total T.Box Width
EH/AKCN20/685 2000 230 305mm 380mm 685mm 176mm
EH/AKCN30/685 3000 230 305mm 380mm 685mm 176mm
Titanium tube - For Bright Nickel,Dull Nickel andChrome Solutions.
Lead / Tefflon covered immersion heaters for specific chemical solutions.
For other acids please consult factory.

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