Elmec MI strip / Flat Heaters are available in standard sizes and as well as custom built as per customer specifications and drawings. These heaters are developed to replace Mica flat / strip and refractory strip heaters in some applications where high temperature and watts is required. They are used in packaging machines, tank heating, lead and Zinc melting pots and in bolt heaters.

We use high quality MgO powder and Nichrome / kanthal D resistance wires. Heater tube sheaths are available in SS 321,310,316, Inconel. We are supplying MI strip / Flat Heaters to India's top OEM's, Industries as well as overseas industries / markets.


Mineral Filled Strip / Flat Heaters



Termination and cutouts: It can be provided as per customer drawing.

Do's and Don'ts:

 Please calculate correct watts according to your requirements. Specify Volts with single phase or three phase .While giving connections check Volts printed in heaters and connect accordingly. Supplying volts higher than rated volts will result in heater failure. These are not suitable for direct immersion. Should be fitted outside the tanks and should be secured tightly to the body to be heated with additional plate and bolting. It is very important to have proper temperature control for better heater life. In addition if possible introduce safety thermostat and temperature control as well. Consult us if you have any specific requirements.

       Heater control panel maintains the performance of the heaters. Control Panel is actually a a control box attached to the Heaters that controls the whole mechanism and maintains stability & performance of the heater. A standard control panel is ideal for heaters with a maximum watt density of 30 to 200 ampere.


Control Panel for Heaters


Key Features:

  • Reliable
  • Automated remote controlling feature
  • Is a ready-to-connect tool to maximize the heater performance

Power Regulators are used for resistive & inductive loads, MP1 series power regulators are used in electric furnace, constant temperature bath, food, chemical, air conditioning and plastic molding. A thyristor-type single-phase power regulator displays input / output values ​​and various parameters with a 7-segment LED and enables various function settings by front key operation.


Power Regulators


Key Features:

  • Control Method: Phase Control & Zero-Cross Switching Cycle Operation Control
  • Multi-Input: Current/voltage/Contact. Voltage Pulse (SSR Drive Voltage) You can choose either a phase control or Zero-cross switching cycle operation control in both cases of contact proportion input and voltage pulse (SSR drive voltage) input
  • Input/output values and many kids of parameters are displayed
  • Output soft-start/slow up/ slow down function is equipped as a standard function, (0.00~25.os)
  • Free Voltage (100~240V AC)
  • Automatic Distinction of Power Supply Frequency Range 45~65Hz

         Circulation Heaters, also known as In-Line-Heaters .Electric circulation heaters generate heat, making the medium less viscous. The less viscous the fluid, the easier it is to pump through a circuit of pipes. Electric circulation heaters are drain valves. Our Circulation Heaters are easy to install in any location & maintenance of the heater is easy. Elmec circulation heaters are best for heating liquids. Elmec circulation heaters are drain valves. Circulation heaters also come with various sizes horizontal or vertical mounting, depending on your application.


Control Panel for Heaters


Key Features:

  • Standard sizes: 1.25” NPT Screw Plug size to 14” diameter
  • Steel or stainless vessels fitted with 150 lb./300 lbs/ 600lbs/ 2000 lbs. psi flanges
  • Thermal insulated vessels
  • Custom unit sizes
  • Custom-designed to meet your specifications
  • Special sizes, wattages, and materials are available upon request
  • Units are available with larger vessels and heavier flanges
  • Insulated upon request


  • Water Heating
  • Freeze Protection
  • Heat Transfer Oil Heating
  • Fuel Oil Heating
  • Steam, Air, Gas heating


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